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About Us

Most Internet users sooner or later faced with the question of earnings and investments online. Indeed, now there are many such proposals, however beginner moneymakers should be quite careful when choosing asset management services and work exclusively with professionals.

Such a professional team can be called We chose multicurrency exchange and Forex trading for profitable operations that and since 2010 we are actively developing own strategy of behavior in the market. This strategy is set of certain rules which have low risk and include conservative intraday trade. The core of our company are experienced financial traders, who work simultaneously in several directions: Forex, securities and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc.). Such kind of broad diversification is a reliable protection against potential losses and can guarantee a stable income. Extensive experience and analytical skills help to trade using not only its own assets, but also raised funds. The company has thousands of customers around the world - anyone can join through the online investment platform. Our experience fully satisfies us and our numerous partners. Trade experts of the company use basic currency pairs in the Forex and cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as invest in long-term securities of high-tech companies.

By 2020, we plan to launch our own automatic platform, not only for investment but also for traders. As of 2016 we are going through the necessary verification to obtain the broker status and relevant permit for conducting brokerage activities in the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Company legal details

Of course to get started with our clients, we were forced to get official registration. Taking into account the fact that most of our traders are British citizens, we have registered the company in London. If necessary, our customers can visit our office on a large business center at the address 7 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DU, United Kingdom.

You can also become a partner and attract investments. Generous compensation at a rate of commission is waiting for you regardless of whether you have your active deposit.

•   7 Whitechapel Road
•   London, E1 1DU,